Laura Medcalf

I am a British/Hungarian artist who works across various different mediums such as printmaking, painting and sculpture. Primarily I am inspired by different shapes, forms, structures and the fragility of organic forms. Gathering these forms from the natural environment aid my concept of the human interaction within the natural surroundings through borders. My work is influenced by a distillation of an experience whether that be a recording of my journey I undertook in my natural surroundings or objects which influence my practice on the way. Translating into the concept of seeing the presence of something through something else is a gentle ongoing consequence where there is a deeper layer of meaning to the actual works.


The layer of complexity within the process of the work contrasts the common oblivious overlooking of nature creating a cultural exploration in the form of visual storytelling within my work.


The artworks are a record of research as they explore and document the natural environment. Through observation of the organic shapes and structures collected and documented arise a clear value of wilderness and moments in time.


The multimedia nature of the works stems from a continual curiosity of process, and my rejection for restraint to one ideological form. The use of printing allows an extensive manipulation at each step and can have such substantial changes.


Painting on the other hand, soothes my mind and allows me to express my vision through that medium. Generally, my paintings are abstractly conveyed through systematic evidence that juxtaposes the random outlook of the final outcome. Inspired by my natural surroundings and a reaction to them, using basic mediums is a way of conveying the perceived vision in a rapid documentation.


On the other hand my installation work strives to have direct contact with the viewer, as I wish to create a dialogue about the interpretation and perception of the pieces. Overall I intend the viewer to become drawn into my work and solve the visual complexity of them.